TheBrain Technologies (Freeware)

TheBrain, formerly called PersonalBrain, is a mind mapping application. The application makes use of a graphical interface that shows the relationships between ideas. The program supports all types of digital information, such as documents, emails, audio, and images. These can be added to The Brain by dragging and dropping. There is no limit to the amount of files that can be added to the project. Here are the other features and tools that are included in TheBrain:

• Notes and reminders – The program has a tool for setting alerts for important events. Users can also add notes in TheBrain for remembering ideas and other important information.
• Built-in calendar – The built-in calendar enables users to manage their schedule. The program can be integrated to Microsoft Outlook. This allows users to drag and drop items from their account to TheBrain (emails, calendar notes, schedule, etc).
• Synchronization – TheBrain projects can be accessed from anywhere as projects can be synchronized in across different platforms.
• TheBrain Management – The program consists of tools that allow users to manage online and local Brains that are stored in the computer. With the management tool, users can move, rename, and edit items.
• Improved user interface – TheBrain consists of a new set of tools that make it easier for users to organize all their thoughts.