Personal Translator 2008

linguatec GmbH (Proprietary)

Personal Translator 2008 is a translation software developed by Linguatec. The program enables users to translate words and phrases from one language to another. The program features 7 language pairs: English to French, English to German, English to Italian, English to Spanish, English to Chinese, English to Portuguese, and German to French. Users can avail of all the language pairs in just one package, or purchase just one language pair. The program features a powerful translation tool capable of minimizing grammatical errors and spelling mistakes during the translation process. For difficult to translate words, the program also features a direct link to Wikipedia to a reference term or word.

Personal Translator 2008 has four basic features: SmartAnalyze, SmartCorrect,  SmartLookup,  and SmartMemory. SmartAnalyze enables users to translate complex sentence structures, and even idiomatic expressions. SmartCorrect function translates words and sentences with minimum grammatical errors and mistakes. It can even correct deliberate mistakes in spelling. SmartLookup function automatically looks up dictionary entries for the correct translation. These dictionary entries are made through analysis of thousands of documents about a range of subjects. SmartMemory function stores the translated text so that the next time the same text is put to the translator, the program can recall the last translation made. Nonetheless, the program can automatically exclude proper nouns and location names when storing the translation in the memory for better synchronization.