Personal Translator 14

linguatec GmbH (Shareware)

Personal Translator is a translation program developed by Linguatec. This allows users to translate text to seven different languages including English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, and Spanish. To use the program, users only have to copy and paste, or write the text directly to the program and choose the preferred translation. The program automatically translates the text on the interface.

Here are some functions/features available in Personal Translator:

• Translation – The program utilizes the SmartAnalyse algorithm to analyze text and translate it to the preferred language. It even offers a SmartCorrect feature that corrects misspelled texts automatically. The application can also track different meanings of a certain word and compare the translation to the context of the sentence to give the most accurate translation.
• Dictionaries – Personal Translator has a built-in dictionary consisting of more than 3 million words depending on the version. The dictionary can be used to look up word or words from the text by simply hovering the mouse on the word. It also features a direct link to Wikipedia allowing users to search for more information about a specific word.
• Word Processing and User Interface – The program’s built-in word processor offers all standard formatting commands as well as print functions. It is capable of opening and saving text and RTF files as well. The application can also be integrated in a web browser as well as Microsoft Office. Batch translation feature is also available for the translation of multiple documents at once.
• Expansion Options – Functionalities of the program can be extended using expansion options. It has German-English Specialist Dictionaries that contain automotive and medical dictionaries. A PT Net network solution is available as well, which provides central administration of the program for corporate use.