Personal Finances Home 5.5

Alzex software (Freeware)

Personal Finances Home is an application used for managing and keeping track of income and expenses. It can also be used to track budgets and to keep a schedule for payments. The program has a simple user interface that even those who are not computer savvy will be able to use. There are five buttons on the upper portion of the window – Currencies, Accounts, Categories, Family, and Settings. All the accounts can be accessed on the left side of the window. With the program, users can keep track of all their expenses and income. Users can add prices, quantities, amounts, dates, descriptions, and comments for each of the items that are added to the application.

Here are the key features of the application:

• Scheduler – The program has a built-in scheduler that allows users to add due dates for payments, such as tuition fees, utilities, mortgages, and many others. By using the scheduler, users are reminded of payment deadlines.
• History – The history button is a feature that allows users to input transactions that are commonly done. This eliminates the need to input information manually each time.
• Reports – The program also comes with a reporting feature that is used for analyzing personal or family income. The report also comes with a complete summary of all data added to the program.