Personal Finances Free 2.3

Alzex software (Freeware)

Personal Finances Free is an application that allows users to keep track of their finances from just one location. With the application, users can easily see where their money goes. It can also be used to keep track of savings and purchases. With the application, users can categorize their finances in different types, such as bank, cash, credit cards, and many others. Under the Overview window, users can see a summary of all their finances. More information can be viewed by clicking on the different command buttons that can be seen on the upper portion of the window.

Some of the buttons include:

• Calendar – The calendar allows users to keep track of payments that need to be made before the due date. Users can add categories, such as rent, utilities, subscriptions, food, and many others.
• Transactions – Under the transactions window, users can see their income and their expenses. This shows the flow of money so users can keep track of where they go.
• Reports – Under the reports window, a pie chart of the finances can be seen. With the graphic representation of finances, users can see where the bulk of their money goes.
• Budget – The program also has a budget feature where users can keep track of their savings and see if they are staying within their budget for the month.