Personal Dictionary for Win32

ReliefOffice (Shareware)

The Personal Dictionary for Win32 program is a practical tool to introduce non-English speakers to the language, as well as help proficient users improve their understanding of the written word and command of the spoken language. In the Japanese edition of the program, the user just needs to input the English word into the device and it will display the definition in Japanese. It will also display words with meanings similar to the original word inputted by the user, as well as identify if the word is commonly used or not. The application also has a predictive feature that uses the large database of words in the program. What this means is that if the user types in the first few letters of a word, the program will display suggestions as to the what words the user might be looking for.

Personal Dictionary for Win32 comes with audio to enable the learner to hear the word pronounced in proper English. This feature allows users to hear the actual word, which aids them as they will also be able to familiarize themselves with accent and pronunciation when they themselves use it in speech. The user is further honed in the English language by a series of vocabulary, spelling, and memory tests that come as a supplementary feature with Personal Dictionary for Win32.