Personal Data Vault

Tenebril Incorporated (Proprietary)

Personal Data Vault is a file storage program developed by Tenebril Incorporated and released on September 2004. The program enables users to store their files securely. These files may contain passwords, bank information, and login data, among others. Files will also be automatically deleted upon moving to the vault. The program also features secure deletion functions ensuring that deleted files will no longer be retrieved.  It comes with 8 shredding algorithms to ensure that deleted files are securely removed. It is every bit the safety deposit box it purports to be.

Personal Data Vault has several functions including Backup service, Passwords storage, and Automation function. The Backup service enables users to create a backup of original files with external drives, disks, and USB drives as output options. Backup copies are likewise encrypted to ensure that both the backup and the original are securely protected. The Passwords section allows users to store login information including website, username, and corresponding passwords. The Automation section allows users to configure the program to close after a certain period of time. This section also allows users to set whether to delete a file after storing a copy inside the vault.

Personal Data Vault graphical user interface features a grey and yellow theme. The window is divided into 2 panels—the tree view pane and the main vault window. Files may be added to the vault through the tree view or by drag and drop.