Personal Communications

IBM Corporation (Shareware)

IBM Personal Communications is a networking program that enables users to manage their existing networks and create new networks. This program supports various network systems such as 3270, 5250, TN327OE, VT52, VT100, VT220, and VT340 emulation that supports an FTP client. IBM Personal Communications also has various networking capabilities such as advanced program-to-program communication (APC), High Performance Routing (HPR), and TCP/IP Support. This program also has an extensive application programming interface (API) that offers Emulator High-Level Language Applications Programming Interface using programming languages like C++, VBScript, and Java technology.

IBM Personal Communications allows users to set their network in a secure environment that supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), and Transport Layer Security (TLS). This feature provides security against unauthorized access, data theft, and data manipulation. In addition, the program features several security enhancements such as the Pass Through Host Certificate Validation that allows users to disable the default certificate validation process during the SSL handshake.

IBM Personal Communications also provides an enhanced interface that enables users to copy data from the presentation space as a bitmap image that can be imported to the clipboard. The program also includes a Scratch Pad, a lightweight program add-on that allows users to edit, cut, copy, and paste text data. In addition, IBM Personal Communications has a “Find Text” feature that enables users locate a text portion in the presentation area. Users can set the search to be case sensitive or insensitive.