Personal Ancestral File

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Shareware)

Personal Ancestral File is a genealogy management program that helps users organize their family’s record history. The program aids the users looking for their lost ancestors with its records of personal family histories either in records, charts or logs. The program lets the user view screens and have the records printed in 6 languages. Entering data can be done on most languages, including Asian and characters written in Cyrillic (with its support of Unicode). Users can also enter information while watching the screen and reporting in the other.  

The program has a feature for comparing where people in the PR File Master can be matched with the user’s PA file (A copy for this is needed for confirmation). The task will allow the user to run the file without exiting from PAF Companion.

Personal Ancestral File can work with a PAF Companion utility program which can print genealogy charts and reports. These include family group record, ancestor chart, pedigree chart, fan chart, descendant chart, and register report. Users can also use the program’s version on handheld devices by way of viewing (though not editing) the program’s data by families, pedigrees, individuals, or descendancies. The program can also connect with images and other media files for individual records.