Periodic Table 3.9 (Freeware)

Periodic Table is an educational program that provides users with detailed information about the elements of the Periodic Table. This chemistry reference application comprises more than 1400 pages of data on the elements, images of elements in their natural state, and interactive displays. The information provided for each element includes its allotropes, images, isotopes, and compounds made from it. The program also shows how each element reacts with acids, air, halogens, and water. Users will also see the electron shell diagrams as well as the orbital images of each element. Diagrams of atomic widths and electron configuration tables are also available.

Periodic Table also provides users with a glossary of scientific terms as well as graphs of significant trends and element properties. Users will also get to read about the lives of the different scientists who discovered the elements. There is also a world map that indicates which elements of the Periodic Table are found in each country. Users can view different element tables sorted according to hardness, thermal properties, and electrical properties, to name a few. The program also has a toolbox containing 6400 scientific formulas and 330 physical constants.

This program comes in three versions: Standard, Extra, and Mini. All versions contain the same amount of information and differ only in the resolution in which the images are displayed.