Performance Monitor 4.1.2 (32-bit)

Lorenzi Davide ( (Freeware)

Performance Monitor, or PerfMon, is a small utility that analyzes system performance and shows users the status of their computer’s memory, CPU, disk, and network usage. It is developed specifically for computers running on Windows NT platforms, including Vista, 2000, and XP. The application sits in the system tray and may also be expanded. The interface is characterized by four small windows or graphs that may be configured. Each of the graphs stand for one performance component, and may be moved separately on the screen. The graphs can be displayed either as lines or piles.

The program windows may be turned into a transparent window by changing the opacity and may be moved anywhere on the monitor to make these less obtrusive. Users can right-click on the program icon from the taskbar to access the available options from the context menu. The options include accessing the settings panel, the online Help documents, and exit the program.

Performance Monitor may also be customized using skins and by changing the colors of the background and the foreground. Users can also choose to show or hide the window labels. The application features a Pass-Through Mode, in which the user’s mouse actions do not affect or interfere with the computer’s desktop panels.