PerfectDisk 12 12.5

Raxco Software, Inc. (Shareware)

PerfectDisk 12 is an application for optimizing and defragmenting a computer. The program has a built-in OptiWrite technology that prevents fragmentation from occurring in hard drives. It is capable of detecting when the system is going to fragment files and stops the process. The application also has a patented intelligent disk optimization called SMARTPlacement. This fixes the files in the system based on the pattern of usage, resulting in faster boot times and lessened resource consumption. The program can be used by beginners as it performs automatic optimization of the system. The StealthPatrol feature optimizes the computer whenever it is idle or when the screensaver is launched. Users can also set a schedule for defragmentation on the Scheduling tab located on the main window.

PerfectDisk 12’s interface is simple. It has four tabs for the program’s tasks – Defragmentation, StealthPatrol, Scheduling, S.M.A.R.T., and Dashboard. After defragmenting and optimizing the system, users can experience faster downloads and web browsing.

Here are other features of the PerfectDisk 12 software:
• Support for full featured command line
• Defragmentation of selected files
• Supports SSD (Solid State Drives) drives
• Single-pass defragmentation of files
• Faster subsequent defragmentation runs
• Advanced boot time defragmentation