ArcSoft (Shareware)

Perfect365 is an application for editing and beautifying portraits. The application comes with several tools for retouching and enhancing digital photos. The tools are easy to use and the software can be used even by novice photographers. The application shows users an example of a photo where the program’s tools were used. The original stock photo and the resulting photo are laid side-by-side to compare the difference.

Perfect365 comes with more than 30 preset styles that users can choose from. With these styles, users can enhance a photo with just one click. The application also has an automatic multi-face detection technology that is capable of recognizing up to 20 faces in a single photo. For faces that are not immediately detected, users can click on the ‘adjust key points’ button on the window to detect the other faces that are present. Aside from the presets, users can also manually make changes to the photo, such as changing the color of the skin, the eye color, and whitening teeth.

All the edited photos can be shared online with friends directly from the application. Users can upload photos to Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook accounts with just a single click. In addition, there is a favorites folder that stores all the user’s favorite photos. By clicking on the ‘I love it’ button, the photo is automatically stored in the folder.