Perfect Photo Suite

onOne Software (Shareware)

Perfect Photo Suite is a digital image editing program. It consists of seven programs for editing, retouching, and enhancing images.

• Perfect B&W – This module is for processing black and white images. It comes with a set of tools that help users produce professional-looking black and white pictures. It has a built-in library of black and white presets that provide the feel of using darkroom techniques.
• Focal Point 2 – Focal Point 2 is used for creating photos with DOP (depth of field) and selective focus. Users have total control on the amount of blur. There are also presets that users can choose from.
• Perfect Portrait 2 – This application is for improving portraits. It has automatic detection and tools for removing impurities, correcting skin color, and brightening the subject’s features.
• Perfect Mask 5 – The Perfect Mask 5 module is for creating masks and separating subjects from backgrounds.
• Perfect Layers 3 – This program allows users to combine different images together in a single photo.
• Perfect Effects 4 – Perfect Effects 4 comes with a wide variety of photo effects, edges, and frames that users can apply to images. These preset designs are created by experts in the field of photography.
• Perfect Resize 7.5 Pro – This module allows users to blow up images up to 1000% without having to worry about quality loss.