Perfect PDF 6

soft Xpansion (Shareware)

Perfect PDF 6 is a PDF and XPS document management software developed by soft Xpansion and released on April 2010. It is a software suite that includes several tools, all designed especially to handle and manage PDF and XPS documents. It can handle PDF and XPS creation, editing, and management functions. This program is targeted towards home users as well as small and medium-sized business customers.

Perfect PDF 6 features PDF creation integrated with third-party programs through a Print to PDF function utilizing a virtual printer. These include, Microsoft Office, and browser programs like Internet Explorer, Thunderbird, Mozilla Firefox, and Windows Explorer. Other programs include all word processing software that output RTF, text, or XPS documents. It is likewise compatible with image processing programs, webcam managers, and scanning programs. This program also handles  PDF conversion functions, PDF merging, and batch processing.

Perfect PDF 6 offers a Content editor tool that enables users to edit existing PDF documents. This tool can edit not just the text portion of the PDF file, but also transform objects through resize, rotate, and move operations. This program also offers annotation and bookmarking functions, enabling users to add and edit annotation marks like stamps, comments, red pencil marks, text markups, and attachments. The program is likewise capable of creating interactive form fields useful in creating business forms, surveys, and other official forms.