Perfect DocuReader

soft Xpansion (Freeware)

Perfect DocuReader is a document viewing software developed by soft Xpansion and released in May 2011. Perfect DocuReader is a document reader that is specially developed to view all kinds of PDF files. Perfect DocuReader allows users to show specific document pages upon launching. This program also features named destination files that allows users to view the desired text upon start. Perfect DocuReader users can also navigate documents by bookmarks and links, as well as page navigation buttons like Next and Forward. Aside from those buttons, this software also allows Zoom and Search options. Perfect DocuReader also features a Print functionality.

Perfect DocuReader user interface opens to a simple box display and default splash screen. The toolbar shows the soft Xpansion logo. However, users can customize their own version by adding their own logo as well as splash screen. The logo opens up to the About page when clicked. The About page will show the user name, logo, and the company’s web address. The software also features more customization possibilities. Users can incorporate Perfect DocuReader to their programs to preview their help documents and manuals. This program features PDF manual viewing support. This program can also preview context-sensitive Help documents and manuals.  Perfect DocuReader also features HLP file format support.