perfect dark 1.07

information liberation organization (Freeware)

Perfect Dark is a peer-to-peer (P2P) application from Japan which was released in 2006. It supports Japanese and English language for easy downloading and sharing of files and documents.

Perfect Dark P2P application came from its predecessors, Share and Winny, that have higher bandwidth and hard drive space requirements.  The software has its own proprietary network named “unity”. The application has a powerful search tool for optimized sharing and downloading. The application has its own bulletin board for users to discuss and share their own files. Community tech support is also available for advanced users and developers. Users can also share an amount of uploaded files to further enhance the downloading capability of the client application.

Other key features of Perfect Dark include the following:

Heavier use of distributed hash tables allows maximum security over broad P2P networks.
• Anonymity of users is protected using IP changer and security. This allows users to share and download large number of files without problems.
• Distributed Key Table and Distributed Hash Table compose the entire network of the application that uses complex algorithm for safe and secure downloads and uploads.
• Users can also use Boolean operators such as AND, NOT, and OR to help filtering files to be uploaded or downloaded.