Pepakura Viewer 3 3

TamaSoftware (Freeware)

Pepakura Viewer 3 is a graphic viewer program developed by TamaSoftware. It is specifically designed to let users view 3D patterns and models created using Pepakura Designer. The program offers support for both 2D and 3D graphics. It has two individual view areas for each type. The 3D view area provides a view that enables users to check assembled graphics as a 3D model. It also allows users to see the model from all possible angles. The 2D view area offers a view of the model’s unfolded template. These two view areas are shown side by side and they are not independent from each other. This means that all actions performed on the 2D view area can be automatically viewed on the 3D view area.

Pepakura Viewer 3 offers basic operations for both the 3D models and 2D patterns. For 3D models, users can rotate, move, and zoom in/out the models. In the 2D pattern window, users can pan and zoom in/out the patterns. Aside from these basic operations, the program also provides detailed information about chosen graphics including the document’s info and pattern info. A Copy to Clipboard function is also available that enables users to transfer the development of the chosen project to any clipboard in the BMP format. Other available features include texture settings, print settings, color settings, general settings, and more.