Pepakura Designer 3 3.1.2

TamaSoftware (Shareware)

Pepakura Designer 3 is a program used for creating paper craft templates out of 3D data. The program was developed in Japan and translated to English. Users can not use the application to create a 3D model. Pepakura Designer is only used for converting 3D data to a printable template that can be built to come up with 3D paper crafts. Some of the programs that can be used to create 3D models are MetasequioiaLE, Blender, and Google SketchUp. The application supports 3D file formats, such as STL, 3DS, LWO, DXR, and MQO.

Once the 3D template is created, users can import the model to Pepakura Designer. Click the ‘Unfold’ button on the main window. This will display the 2D template for the 3D model. The 2D template can be edited in order to create a simpler form. Manual editing tools included in the program are rotate, move surface, edit flap, move surface, and edit fold line.

Pepakura Designer 3’s interface displays the tools and command buttons at the top part of the window. The left side of the window shows the 3D design, while the right side of the window displays the 2D template for the paper craft. The application comes with a comprehensive help file that teaches users how to use the features of the software.