PenSigner (Proprietary)

PenSigner is a tool that allows users to attach a signature to a document. Users can draw an image or save a signature to use with all outgoing documents. The target window for the signature must be open on the desktop so that PenSigner can send the signature to the window after the user creates it. Users can create signatures using the pencil button or the brush button. The pencil button has a hard top, while the brush button has a soft tip.

The expanded toolbar of PenSigner shows the different command buttons and a color panel where users can choose the color to use for the signature. The command buttons include cancel, clear, undo, and OK. The pen tip width can also be changed with the slider. Users can create a signature or a drawing anywhere on the screen. After creating the signature, click on the ‘OK’ button and the signature will be copied to the target window. The ‘OK’ button simulates the copy/paste option. Just like a real pen, the ‘ink’ of the PenSigner runs out.

The settings menu is where users can set the send time for the signature. The signature can automatically be sent to the target window after a certain time has elapsed.