Penpower WorldCard

PenPower (Proprietary)

WorldCard can scan a business card and capture information in it in seconds. It will also categorize the contact information it got by recognizing the person’s name, the company address, the number, email address, website URL and MSN or Skype ID. It is an efficient way to manage a business user’s contact list. This gets rid of the need to search for business cards since everything can now be found in one place. Since it can scan and categorize quickly, there is no need to type any information.

A unique feature of WorldCard is that it can synchronize with various CRM applications. Among them are Outlook Express, Palm, and Lotus Notes. To use the software, simply place the business card with the information facing towards the user. Press the scan button. The software will then proceed to scan the business card and get the information it needs.  

Other features of the program are the following:

• Can scan twenty four different languages
• Up to 65,000+ categories are supported
• Can support double-sided card
• Ability to save an entire database in a flash-drive.
• Can directly link to maps and directions straight from the address in the business cards
• A recycle bin that lets users restore cards they have already deleted.