PenPower Email Touchpad

PENPOWER (Shareware)

PenPower Email Touchpad Junior Series is a Chinese Handwriting Recognition System. This is a compact, simple, slim and very light device that is equipped with Chinese-English and English-Chinese translation functionality. The translation tool has real-time function as well as dictionary search function.

PenPower Email Touchpad is essentially an entry-level modern input tool for the Chinese language. It may also be used as a personal handwriting tool. The user can also receive e-mails on this device. Upon receipt of the e-mail the user is alerted with a flash of light or a few bars of music.

Here are some of the special features of this device:
• High recognition accuracy
• Can recognize Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and English characters
• No restrictions on whatever type of writing
• May be used as a signature application in MSN, MS Word, and MS Excel
• Equipped with dial-up connection

This gadget comes in either black or white design.

This touchpad has a contemporary and compact design that fits right into any compartment. It is small enough to be handy and is a suitable device for people who are always on the move. PenPower Email Touchpad fits right into the bevy of mobile gadgets that people use on a daily basis and bring with them everywhere they go.