PenMail Application 3.2.1

LiveScribe (Freeware)

PenMail Application is a small e-mail platform included as a free service for LiveScribe Smart Pen. LiveScribe Smart Pen is an electronic writing tool used in schools and other educational institutions. This device consists of a pen-like device used along with an electronic notebook capable of transferring data, such as short text messages or audio messages between teachers, students, and parents. This device is often used to assist teachers in teaching students, providing homework and exercises, and providing feedback to parents. One useful feature of LiveScribe Smart Pen is its ability to translate messages into a language understandable by its user. PenMail Application is an email client that facilitates message transfers between users. This application manages to perform message relay without the need for an Internet or telephone connection. PenMail Application provides features similar to standard email clients. These features include a detailed address book, support for multiple email accounts, ability to generate multiple folders used in organizing email messages, and preview functions for graphic email attachments.

PenMail Application features a simple user interface that has two main parts. The first part is the control bar, which contains control buttons that execute actions within the program. These buttons include new message, open message, save message, sent message, print message, select writing tool, erase tool, etc. The next part is the writing space where users would read sent messages and write their message to be sent to other users. The writing space is provided with rules to assist users in writing their message