Penguin vs Yeti Gold Edition

Jochen Kärcher Gamedesign (Shareware)

Penguin vs Yeti Gold Edition is a platform racing game. In this game, penguins have been imprisoned and players must help them escape without waking up the Dark Yeti. Players must race penguins throughout the snowy landscape before Zoltan, the vulture who guards the Yeti’s territory, can reach his master and wake him up. The Dark Yeti sleeps on his throne most of the time but when he is awakened by his guard vulture, he will block the penguins and catch them. Players must be quick to make the penguins run and jump through different snowy obstacles to take them through the enemy territory and cut off the Yetis’ food supply.

Players must learn to master how to apply acceleration and jumping skills in order to acquire the fastest speed while avoiding obstacles. The game stages usually have more than one path to follow, and each route may be more challenging than the other. Players may choose to race along the more difficult path to score maximum points. The game will automatically adjust the racing component and slow down the flight of Zoltan to give players a chance to reach the end of the stage first.

This game has 30 racing tracks and offers three levels of difficulty to match the player’s skills. At the end of each level, players are rewarded with a trophy.