Peggle World of Warcraft Edition Application

PopCap (Freeware)

Peggle World of Warcraft Edition, or simple Peggle WOW, is a standalone puzzle video game developed and published by PopCap Games. The main difference in this Peggle edition is that it is themed after WoW’s raid bosses, locations, and quests instead of the typical orange box - skinned from Peggle Extreme.

The storyline involves the player assisting two Peggle Masters – Splork Sporkan and Bjorn Unicorn – through the world of Azeroth. The player’s goal is to safely guide the Peggle masters and to eventually defeat the Lich King, Arthas. This is done by successfully finishing all levels. The gameplay involves the player hitting 25 orange pegs using 10 metal balls to complete a level and attain the Extreme Fever.

Peggle World of Warcraft offers the following game modes:

• Adventure – This is the game’s main mode where the storyline takes place. The goal here is to complete all the levels and become the Peggle Master like Splork and Bjorm. This mode contains 2 stages with each stage having five levels.
• Quick Play Mode – This mode allows the player to play any of the individual levels. There is also a Random button that lets the computer choose the level to play.
• Duel Mode – This mode can only be played when the first stage of the Adventure mode is finished. In this mode, the player can play against another player.
• Challenge Mode – This mode can only be played when the entire Adventure mode is completed. In this mode, the game offers more difficult Peggle feats. This mode offers 10 challenges divided into 2 stages.