Peggle Nights Application


Peggle Nights is a casual video game developed by PopCap Games and was released in November 2009. This video game is the direct sequel to PopCap Games’ 2007 video game, Peggle. Peggle Nights share a similar gameplay to Peggle where players need to hit a number of specially colored pegs using a limited amount of balls. This game features a night-themed 2D background motif such as moonlit and starry scenes, as well as cartoon graphics and humorous characters. Peggle Nights has two game modes: a single player mode that contains 60 levels of increasing difficulty, and a multiplayer mode that can be played online or offline using a Local Access Network.

Peggle Nights is a video game that focuses on puzzle solving skills. The player’s main objective in the game is to achieve a high score by hitting a bunch of orange pegs by using a small amount of balls as possible. The orange pegs are scattered randomly across a field of blue pegs. Players are given a limited amount of balls, which they must use skillfully by correct aiming and anticipating its bounce in order to hit as many orange pegs with one shot. If a player runs out of balls before successfully hitting the orange pegs, the level will restart. Players can get extra points by hitting many orange pegs with a single ball or by landing a ball in a moving ball catcher on the bottom part of the screen. Balls that land in the ball catcher are returned to the player to be used in the next levels. Peggle Nights also feature a new Peggle master, Marina the Electric Squid in addition to the previous game’s ten Peggle masters that assist the player with their special abilities. Peggle Nights’ single player has a 60-level Adventure mode, and a 60-level Challenge mode.