PopCap Games (Shareware)

Peggle is a puzzle video game developed by PopCap Games and released in February of 2007. The general concept is simple – the player must achieve the highest possible score by shooting balls in the direction of colored pegs scattered on a field. There are distinctively marked pegs that need to be cleared out in order for the player to earn points. In the ‘Adventure’ mode, the player must go through 55 levels, which each have almost a hundred blue pegs and 25 orange pegs. There is a ball at the top of the screen that launches to strike the pegs. Therefore, the player should devise a strategic plan in order to hit all the targets.

Once a peg is struck, it lights up and disappears as soon as the ball hits the bottom. If the player is unable to hit the target has to restart the level; however, if the goal is reached, s/he can proceed to the next level. After going through five levels of Peggle, the player will have to face on of the ten Peggle Masters, each of which possesses a unique ability. This special skill is activated when the player hits a green peg on the board. Apart from the number of strikes, a players can also earn additional points according to the style of the strike.