Peggle Application


Peggle is a casual video game developed by PopCap Games and was released in February 2007. This video game features a puzzle solving gameplay where players get to shoot a limited number of balls at a field of colored pegs in order to clear out specially marked pegs through. The player’s main objective is to achieve a high score by carefully planning their shots, hitting a large number of targets while using a small amount of balls as possible. Peggle is inspired by Pachinko and Bagatelle, two similar games that use balls and pegs.

Peggle has both a single player and multiplayer mode. The game’s single player or “Adventure” mode has fifty-five levels of increasing difficulty. Each single player level features an arrangement of an estimated one hundred blue-colored pegs that is positioned to correspond with the level’s background image. The game area consists of an enclosure of three walls covering the top and the sides while leaving the bottom opened. The game area also contains various fixed and moving features that bounce the ball in case it gets hit. Once the game starts, the player takes control of a ball launcher containing ten balls, which will be used to hit twenty-five orange-colored pegs scattered randomly amongst the blue pegs. The orange pegs light up and get removed once the player hits it with a ball while the ball either falls in the opening below the game area or gets caught by a ball catcher moving back and forth along the bottom. Players can earn extra scores by hitting a large number of orange pegs with a single ball or by landing a ball in a ball catcher. Balls caught in the ball catcher are sent back to the players to be used in the next levels. If the player runs out of balls without hitting all the orange-colored pegs, the game level will restart again.

Peggle also contains cartoon characters called “Peggle Masters” that assist the player through special abilities that can be triggered immediately or by hitting a specially colored peg. These abilities include additional ball shots, or extending the length of the ball catcher. The Peggle Masters can be seen in every five levels of the game’s Adventure mode.