PeerGuardian 2

Methlabs (Freeware)

PeerGuardian 2 is a firewall application developed by Methlabs. It was initially released on 2003. It works by logging and blocking the entire TCP/IP connections to/from known IP ranges utilized by MediaForce, MPAA, RIAA, MediaDefender and similar programs. The program supports all TCP/IP based P2P programs such as eMule, Limewire, Kazaa, iMesh and more. This application blocks both incoming and outgoing connections, which are based on IP blacklists. Aside from blocking IP addresses, the application is also capable of blocking spyware, adware and government/educational IP ranges. It can also block custom ranges set the by the user.

Users can choose the IP range type to block during the installation process. Available range types include P2P, Ads, Spyware, Government and Educational. There’s also an option to import or create lists and always allow HTTP. After choosing the IP range, the program will also ask to create a custom list of IPs that will be processed. The source of the list may be a URL or a text file. The program can also be configured to automatically update the program and the list. Scheduling of updates may also be selected. The program’s interface is straightforward. It provides a list of all the allowed and blocked IP ranges. It also offers access to the program’s IP list manager, where editing and adding of IPs can be done. There are also settings for the history preferences, log and notification options.

Development of PeerGuardian 2 has been discontinued.