PeerBlock 1.1

PeerBlock, LLC (Freeware)

PeerBlock is an open source and free software that offers firewall protection.  It allows one to control a computer’s connections to certain IP addresses.   The user can select IP addresses to be blocked using blocklists that are available in the Internet.  One can also manually specify any IP address that one does not want to interact with via the computer.  One may be able to block spyware oriented or advertising servers, computers that have been hacked, computers that monitor one’s p2p activities or even all computers that belong to a specific country.  When a user blocks a certain IP address, both outgoing and incoming connections from one’s computer are rendered impossible.

The software comes with a number of useful features that allow the user to customize usage of the application.  For example, the application has a facility that enables a user to specify lists of IP addresses to be blocked. The software’s home site also provides a continually updating blocklist. HTTP and IP trackers can be turned on and off anytime. In addition, a record also shows specifics from a certain tracker, such as destination, source, time, IP address, and tracker’s protocol.

PeerBlock is made available and further developed by a small group of developers that is led by Mark Bulas.  The software’s signed driver as well as its hosting, is funded by public donations.