PearlMountain Photo Watermark 1.2.6


PearlMountain Photo Watermark is an application which is used to protect a photo’s copyright through the use of text watermarks, image watermarks, and logos (which is applicable in the program’s batch mode). Text watermarks may come from EXIF tags’ data, anything embedded in a destination or source image (such as modification and creation dates, and dimensions), and practically anything that is typed in by the user.  A large volume of photos can be protected using a few clicks.

The program’s interface is intuitive. Users can use their own preferred logos and images. The program also provides an array of template and image sets for the user. Program images include stamp-like signs of different shapes and colors. Any image or text to be watermarked can be customized in terms of position, font, color, size, and orientation, just to name a few. The program’s batch watermarking feature is able to apply all profile settings to images which are selected, and thus is able to save the user a lot of time. All outputs can be saved as new profiles which can be used at a future time. The program’s editing tools include renaming and resizing images, adding image borders, and adjusting exposure elements such as saturation, contrast, and brightness, etc. Other program features include photo frame incorporation, image format conversion, photo resizing, effects adjustments, and corrections incorporation.