PE Detective

Daniel Pistelli (Freeware)

PE Detective is a PE Identifier program developed by Daniel Pistelli. It was initially developed to be a component of the Explorer Suite II. However, it may also be downloaded as a stand-alone application. The program is used for scanning either single PE files or an entire directory and then generates detailed and comprehensive reports.

PE Detective offers a drag and drop support for inputting files to be scanned. If the program found multiple results, all of these are displayed in a descending order (based on priority). The results page displays the number of matches, signature name and comments if there are any. Doing a directory scan is also possible. This feature is used for scanning all the files in a certain directory. This type of scan can also be done recursively. Like individual scans, the program will display the results page in the same manner.

The program comes with the Signature Manager. This tool is used for opening a signature database. It is also used for adding, configuring and deleting the signatures in the database. The PE Signatures are used the Deep Scan feature is enables. The program also offers the Signature Retriever tool, which is used for retrieving new signatures to be added to the database. Updating the program’s current loaded signature database from file or online is also possible. This can be done using the program’s Signatures Updater tool. A Collisions Checker tool is also included for checking collisions from the current loaded database.