PDK Layout Verification Tool

Agilent Technologies (Bundled)

The PDK Layout Verification Tool developed by Agilent Technologies is a utility that verifies the PDK layout components in the process design kits (PDKs) that have been upgraded from the ADS (Advanced Design System) 2009 to the ADS 2011 compatible format. A process design kit is a set of files that is particularly used in the field and industry of semiconductors. It is used to model transistors for a specific technology.

The verification tool compares the layout details in all shapes and layers, including the following:
• Corresponding GDS II numbers
• Corresponding layer purposes
• Coordinates of different shapes, such as the center of an arc or a circle and the radius
• Corresponding layer names

The tool can also compare the layouts of all the pins in a design, particularly their corresponding layers, directions, and locations. With this tool, users can easily verify their process design kits and identify any differences or errors that may have occurred during the migration from ADS 2009 to ADS 2011.

After launching a New Project with this tool, users can browse and select the PDK to be verified. It will then be uploaded to the program and users can select the components that need to be checked. All components are selected by default. Users can then click on Run to generate the database information, and then click Compare Result to view the comparison for the ADS 2009 and ADS 2011 PDK versions.