pdfMachine 14.66

Broadgun Software (Shareware)

pdfMachine is an application used for creating and editing PDF documents through email. The program comes with a set of tools for editing files. Users can import their PDF documents to the program by clicking on the “Open” button located on the upper portion of the window. The file will then be displayed on the work area. Furthermore, the program comes with additional tools for attaching files, setting passwords for the document, and adding a digital signature. There are also tools for adding drawings, sticky notes, stamps, and other types of media to the file.

More settings for the application can be accessed from the Options menu. Aside from sending files through email, users can also print the document. The image resolution in DPI (dots per inch) and the JPEG quality can be changed as well. To make sure that documents are secure, the program makes use of three encryption types – 40 bit RC4, 128 bit RC4, and 128 bit AES. Permissions for the PDF document can be changed from the options menu as well. These permissions include printing, extraction of PDF content, changes in the document, and commenting. pdfMachine also comes with a comprehensive help file that allow users to view different help topics for using the features of the application.