PDFill PDF Editor with FREE PDF Writer and PDF Tools

PlotSoft L.L.C. (Shareware)

PDFill PDF Editor is an application for editing and managing PDF documents. The application consists of different tools for editing, decrypting, adding watermarks, and reformatting PDF pages. Other tools included in the application are:

• PDF Ink Annotator – This tool allows users to draw, mark, or highlight texts on a PDF document using the mouse or a pen input on a tablet.
• Align Tool and Smart Positioning – This feature is for rearranging, resizing, or moving objects in the PDF document.
• PDF Filler and PDF Typewriter – This tool is for adding lines, hyperlinks, and highlights to a document even if the document is not saved as an interactive form.
• PDF Form Filler – The PDF Form Filler can be used to fill in PDF fields automatically. Users can import data from a text file and automatically fill out a form.
• PDF Scanner – This allows users to scan a document directly to a PDF document or an existing file.

Aside from these tools, the PDFill PDF Editor also comes with two applications – PDF Writer and PDF Tools. The PDF Writer allows users to create a PDF document using any Windows application (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc). The PDF Tools program consists of basic tasks that can be done with PDF documents including creating transparent images, encrypting and decrypting, and reformatting documents.