pdfforge Images2PDF 1.6.2

pdfforge GbR (Freeware)

pdfforge Images2PDF is a PDF conversion software conversion developed by pdfforge and released in June 2012. It allows users to compile image files into one PDF document. This program used to be bundled as a tool on pdfforge PDFcreator software. However, pdfforge released the pdfforge Images2PDF as separate conversion software. Nonetheless, it is still bundled with PDFcreator.

pdfforge Images2PDF works by compiling image files of different file formats and exporting them into one PDF file. Image file formats that are supported by pdfforge Images2PDF are JPEG, TIFF, and GIF, among others. pdfforge Images2PDF also has an image compression function. Users can set the program to compress specific image files before conversion. Compressed image files will be resized to a smaller size. These compressed files will then be compiled and converted into a PDF file.

pdfforge Images2PDF user interface features a dual window display. Menu bar features only File and Help. Most functions are located in the File menu. Below that is the toolbar that shows the buttons for Import, Open, and the image compression commands. pdfforge Images2PDF users can set the output image size. However, by default, the image compression option is set to Original Size. To add files, users may click the Import button. pdfforge Images2PDF also features Drag and Drop functionality for easy file selection.