pdfFactory 4.75

FinePrint Software, LLC (Shareware)

pdfFactory is an application that allows user to convert documents to PDF files. Users can convert Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel documents, and even web pages. There are also options for adding a title, a subject, and keywords to the document. The converted file can be previewed on the program’s window. Users can also directly convert documents before printing. The drag and drop feature makes it easy for beginners to convert files from different sources, too (hard drive, Gmail, Evernote, etc.).

There are several editing options provided by the application. Users can merge several documents in one PDF file, even if the documents come from different sources. Unwanted pages can also be deleted before creating the PDF file. When creating PDF files, the original font from the source file is retained, even if the user does not have the font installed in the computer. This is possible with the font embedding feature of the program.

Other features of the application are:
• One-click PDF creation from any program
• E-mail PDF files with just one click
• Built-in help menu
• Simple interface
• Instant preview

pdfFactory has a security feature in the form of encryption. Passwords can be added on converted files to prevent unauthorized users from viewing the document.