Software995 (Freeware)

PdfEdit995 is an application that provides tools for creating professional PDF files. It is included in the Pdf995 Suite, together with two other applications (Pdf995 and Signature 995). The application can be used for several tasks including creating links on PDF pages, bookmarking pages, attaching PDF files to an outgoing email message, and creating PDF documents from other applications, such as those from Microsoft Office. In addition, users can also create stationeries, embossing, backgrounds, and letterheads to use for PDF documents.

Here are other features of the PdfEdit995 application:
• Convert PDF pages to an image format (JPEG, TIF, BMP, PCX, or PNG)
• Extract pages from a PDF document
• Specify image resolution
• Embed fonts
• Support for RGB and CMYK color spaces

PdfEdit995 application is also capable of adding buttons on the toolbar of Microsoft Word. This allows users to automatically transfer contents of Word documents to the program. After printing a PDF document, the application can generate a summary containing all the text from the printed document. This can be used as reference. PDF documents with hundreds of pages can also be broken down into PDF documents with fewer pages with the Burst PDF Document tool.