PDFCreator 2.3.1

PDFforge (Freeware)

PDFCreator is a PDF creator/printer developed by PDFforge. It is used for converting documents into portable document format (PDF). The program works by making a virtual printer then printing to PDF files. This allows almost any program with printing functions to create PDF files by selecting to print from the application then printing the file to PDFCreator printer. The application is written in Microsoft Visual Basic.

Users can associate .ps files to PDFCreator. This allows manual conversion of .ps files to PDF format. Aside from converting files to .pdf formats, the program can also be used to convert files to other formats such as TIFF, PNG, PSD, JPEG, TXT and more. Digitally signing PDF files is also possible using this application. Aside from converting files, PDFCreator also allows merging of several files into one PDF document. Other functions of this application includes emailing PDF, creating files using the command line interface, changing behavior in the settings menu (e.g. print after saving, set program font and more) and using multiple printers.

The program offers several security configurations. Users can disable printing and other modifications on the documents such as copying and modifying images or texts. Documents can also be protected by generating passwords. Two types of passwords are available in this program – user and owner. The User Password is used for opening PDF files while the Owner Password is required to change passwords and permissions. Using different profiles can also be done. This helps users switch settings. Controlling the quality and size of the output file is also possible using PDFCreator.