PDFArchitect 1.5

pdfforge GbR (Shareware)

PDFArchitect is a software used for flexible PDF management. PDF is a type of file format that presents an electronic image of graphics or text in the fixed-layout of a printed document. The software allows user discretion on what software functions and features they would want to make use of.  In order to make use of such features and functions, users are required to purchase their respective modules. Every module has a corresponding price and can be bought and utilized on its own.

PDF file pages can also be organized and edited through delete, reorder, zoom, and rotate page functions. The aforesaid functions are made available in the application’s free edition. The “Create” module allows for the creation of PDF documents from different sources or preset templates. The module’s Split and Merge function enables PDF files to be broken down or combined to make create another.   Different PDF files can also be converted to numerous file formats such as HTML, Excel, Word, or image file in the “Conversion” module.  Additional modules are titled “Edit”, “Insert” “Sign & Secure” “Forms” and “Review” and all come with their own respective functions and utilities.

Its module-based mechanism is what sets PDFArchitect apart from similar applications in its field.  It can either be a PDF viewer, creator, encrypter, converter, PDF stamping tool, or editor, at any time or all at the same time depending on what a user needs and requires.