PDF24 Creator 5.3.0

Geek Software GmbH (Freeware)

PDF24 Creator is an application that enables users to create PDF files from any text or image-based document. PDF or Portable Document Format is a file format that is used in storing text and graphics information in a document that is independent of software, hardware, as well as operating systems. PDF24 Creator is capable of opening PDF files and is equipped with viewing tools that enables users to zoom in and out of pages, browse through pages, select bodies of text or images, and rotate document pages. This application also contains formatting tools that allows users to adjust page width and height, and save document and PDF files into other file formats such as PNG, BMP, JPG, and GIF. In addition to these, PDF24 Creator works as a PDF editor by its features that allows horizontal and vertical layout toggling, text box, font selector, font style and font color selector, and preview panes. Users may also split or merge PDF files, extract pages from different PDF files and compile it in a new document, and lock a PDF file to prevent unauthorized users from viewing their documents.

PDF24 Creator features a user interface that contains three main parts. The first part is the file browser that allows users to locate their saved documents, images, and other files used in creating or editing a PDF file. This section appears as a directory tree of folders saved in the user’s hard drive. The next part is the preview pane where users may view selected PDF documents. The last part contains the main control bar where users may find buttons that execute actions in the program.