PDF to TIFF Converter

ChiefPDF (Freeware)

PDF to TIFF Converter is a document conversion program developed by ChiefPDF and released on 2013. The program converts PDF files into TIFF format files. TIFF is an image file format while PDF is a document file format. The program enables users to convert the document into an image, preventing it from being altered. The program runs in automatic modeā€”just click and the document is converted without hassle. PDF to TIFF Converter supports several PDF versions created by different PDF programs. Aside from TIFF, the program also compress PDF documents into other image file formats, including RLE, JPEG,CCITT G3, and LZW. The program requires no Acrobat tool. It can run on its own.  

PDF to TIFF Converter features a user-friendly graphical user interface. The menu bar displays options to add PDF files into the program. Users may add files using the Add files button or through Drag and Drop functionality. Users may also add files from the context menu accessible by right clicking inside the window. Files are converted one after the other and not simultaneously. Thus, files added subsequently are queued on the waiting list. Files added into the window are displayed with their corresponding file source and page number. Users may also configure the program to save the converted files into a specific output file directory.