PDF to Excel

Wondershare (Proprietary)

PDF to Excel is a program used for converting PDF documents to Excel. This is useful when the information on PDF documents need to be edited further. The application is capable of converting the PDF to Excel without changing the format and style of charts, columns, and text. When converting files, the program offers two modes – the first is combining all of the pages of a PDF document into a single Excel sheet, or placing each of the PDF document pages into their own Excel spreadsheets. More of the program’s features are listed below:

• Support for converting and copying PDF documents that are restricted, even without the password
• Support for batch conversion that enables users to convert around 200 PDF documents all at the same time
• Has partial conversion mode that allows users to choose the pages or ranges of pages to convert
• Simple user interface that is easy to use for anyone
• Source files do not need to be opened before the conversion starts

The program has a plain user interface. Users just need to click on the “Add PDF Files” button in order to add PDF documents to the program. All documents will be displayed as a list with information, such as the name of the file, number of pages, total size, selected pages, and the status. Users just need to click on the “Convert” button to start the process.