PDF Text Reader 1.1.41

CTdeveloping, LLC (Freeware)

As its name states, PDF Text Reader enables the user to read the text of portable document files or PDFs. Years before, no modification can be done when documents are turned into PDF files. However, unlike a regular PDF reader, this particular software allows the user to edit PDF files. The PDF Text Reader allows the contents of the file to be converted into regular text files. When it has been converted, the user can conveniently change the document according to his preference. It is distributed by CTdeveloping and works independent of Acrobat and other Adobe products. Various printing and copying options can also be utilized with this program.

This tool has an easy-to-navigate interface that allows the user to go to the previous page or to the next page. Jumping to a particular page is also possible. It has a short response time when keyboard shortcuts are employed. Metadata such as PDF author, subject, title, keywords, and date of creation and modification can be displayed. The document is opened via the file browser. When installed, only a minimum amount of a computer system’s resources is used by the PDF Text Reader. In addition, this free program only supports English text.