PDF Split And Merge

Andrea Vacondio (Open Source)

PDF Split And Merge is a PDF document manager developed by Andrea Vacondio and released on February 2013. The program is used to split and merge PDF documents. It can be used to extract individual PDF pages from one PDF file. It can also be used to combine several PDF documents into one PDF file.

PDF Split And Merge has a grey and orange user interface. The menu bar contains the File menu. The toolbar below the menu bar contains tasks including Save, Open, and Preview. The left panel shows a tree view of the different folder paths currently selected. The upper portion of the interface features a window showing the different PDF documents to be extracted or merged. The table shows the File name, Path, Pages, Password, and Version. There are five buttons to the right of the window corresponding to Add, Remove, Move Up, Move Down, and Clear. Add and remove buttons are used to select PDF documents from a specific path. Move Up and Move Down buttons enable the users to arrange the order by which PDF documents appear after they are merged. Users may also choose to configure the Mix options if they need to reverse the first document or the second document. Users can also select the output path for the converted file through the browse button at the bottom of the interface.