PDF Split And Merge basic 2.2.2


PDF Split and Merge Basic is a PDF file management application that was also known as PDFsam. Its main use is for splitting and merging PDF files, but it can also be used to perform other tasks. The program’s interface is simple. The right pane on the window shows the files, plugins, and settings for the program. The main window shows the PDF files that are open. The program offers several split options: Burst, split even pages, split odd pages, and more. Other tasks that can be done with PDF files include extracting, rotating, and reordering pages. The output document PDF version can be chosen as well.

Each of the tasks on the program has their own set of configuration settings for further customization of the files. With these settings, users are able to compress files and overwrite output. PDF Split and Merge Basic supports drag and drop function. Users can easily drop items in the window and the file will automatically be opened.

PDF Split and Merge Basic has a customizable interface. The settings window allows users to change the language, theme, and the log level. Furthermore, the program can be set to automatically look for updates to keep it up-to-date.