PDF SpeedUp

AcroPDF Systems (Freeware)

PDF SpeedUp is a tool that was developed to decrease Adobe Acrobat Reader’s loading time so that PDF files will be opened faster. The utility does this by disabling plug-ins that are not required upon program launch. This application informs users what plug-ins are used every time the Reader loads, and the user may configure the settings to disable those that are not needed for operating the program.

Aside from plug-ins, users may also disable the other processes that take up random access memory space when the program loads. These include the splash screen, automatic updates, icons for Adobe Reader and PrintMe, and Adobe advertisements on the toolbar. Users can also remove the My eBooks folder in My Documents if it is not being used, and clear the recent file history. In addition, the program’s browser integration may also be stopped. Disabling all of these functions will make Adobe Acrobat Reader load a document faster and will also boost the connection speed of the computer to the Internet and to the local area network.

The settings menu for the plug-ins and processes to be disabled is simple and straightforward. The application has a standard optimization setting; users can also disable plug-ins manually. All of these features are grouped together and users can simply check and uncheck the tick boxes if they want to disable or enable the plug-ins. PDF SpeedUp will begin its work when the user clicks the Optimize button. The next time Adobe Acrobat Reader loads, it will only start up with the necessary features the user specifies. This utility allows users to restore the original settings.