PDF Signer

Secure Soft (Shareware)

PDF Signer is used for signing PDF documents. The program makes use of X.509, which is a type of digital certificate used for signing electronic documents. The application also supports bulk signing, which allows users to save time when dealing with plenty of documents. Other information that can be added include the reason for signing the document and the signing location. Additionally, users can add a time stamp to the document, as well as show the signature box.

Aside from the features mentioned above, other features of the PDF Signer application are the following:

• Configure look of signature – With this application, users have complete control over the appearance of the signature and where it should appear. Users can append the signature on all pages, the first page, or the last page.
• Long-term validity – The program comes with RFC 3161 timestamps, which ensure that electronic signatures can be verified long after the certificate has expired.
• Secure time stamping – The time stamping feature of the program ensures security so that documents cannot be changed after the timestamp has been added.
• Invoice signing – The program is useful in business environments, as it can be used for signing invoices.
• Customization options – PDF Signer also provides plenty of signature customization options for the user.