PDF Security Removal

ESTELAR Softwares (Shareware)

PDF Security Removal is an advanced security removal program used for unlocking restrictions on a PDF document. This program allows users to copy, edit, or print PDF documents that are restricted with a password. The application has a simple and intuitive interface that shows the steps on how to use the application, which makes it ideal to use for novice and advanced computer users.

Users can add PDF documents to the program by clicking on the “Import” button and locating the PDF file from its folder. The second step is to click on the “Save As” button to save a copy of the PDF document without restrictions. The third step is to click on the “Unlock PDF” button to remove the restrictions and makes changes to the PDF document. The program does not alter the PDF document, so users have access to all its contents after the security has been removed.

Aside from those mentioned above, other features of the PDF Security Removal program are the following:
• Program supports different types of encryption (40 bit RC4 up to 256 bit AES)
• Can be used even if Adobe Reader is not installed on the computer
• Users are able to extract data from the PDF document