PDF reDirect Pro 2.5.2

EXP Systems LLC (Shareware)

PDF reDirect Pro is an application primarily used for creating PDF files from other programs. It can work with these other programs as long as these have the ability to print documents. To use the program, the user simply needs to add the file into the interface. Creating PDFs is also possible by selecting the file in the folders pane, which can be found at the left side of the interface. The merge list is where the item is added. It is also where a number of files can be merged into one. After the file is added, the application can start converting it into PDF. Once it is converted, the user can then open the converted file with a number of PDF conversions, such as Adobe Acrobat.

Some properties of the converted file can be configured using this software. One is the ability to zoom in the page or zoom out. A preview function is also present, allowing the user to look at the output file before it is actually made. The application also gives the user the option to protect the output file with a password.

PDF Redirect Pro can be configured to start the moment the computer starts. It can also be configured to be minimized on the system tray.